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摘要: 环球托福老师朱达青上课的时候给学生讲一篇跟达沃斯论坛的托福阅读文章,我们先随环球托福老师一起恶补些小知识吧。
Heavy snow is forecast for the high Alps this week when the global elite gathers for its annual shindig(狂欢会,社交聚会) in Davos. The blizzard(暴风雪) may cover up the architectural blemishes(瑕疵,污点) of the unprepossessing(不吸引人的) Swiss town, but it will be unable to hide the fault lines裂痕,断层) in the global economy.
The agenda is a full one, with the mood one of caution and some trepidation(害怕,不安). Slowing growth, financial fragility, governments teetering(处在灾难会危险的边缘;濒临) on the brink of insolvency(无力偿还,破产) and default(违约,拖欠债务), and clear signs of a public backlash against the excesses of the rich and powerful: all have created a sombre(阴沉,暗淡) backdrop to the invitation-only affair.
So if you are not packing your ski boots in anticipation of rubbing shoulders with (接触,偶遇)Bob Diamond(banker) or George Osborne(英会议员), here is your A to Z guide to the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum.
因此,要是你没带上你的滑雪靴以应对偶遇鲍博戴蒙德(Bob Diamond)或是乔治奥斯本(George Osborne)的情况,那么这儿有个关于每年一度的世界经济论坛的全面指南供你参考。
A is for anti-globalisation Davos is the Glastonbury of globalisation, the event that attracts all the movers and shakers(风云人物) of the world economy. For one week in January it contains more billionaires per square kilometre than any place on earth and, unsurprisingly, attracts the attention of the anti-globalisation movement. This year the protests will be centred on an igloo(雪块砌成的圆小屋), which will be home(主会场) to Occupy the World Economic Forum. The Swiss authorities tend to take a tough line(态度强硬) with protesters – and even innocent bystanders. Last year Andrew Clark, then Observer business editor, was arrested on a train on his way back from Davos.
A代表反对全球化。 达沃斯论坛是一个吸引着所有的世界经济决策者和风云人物的盛会,可谓是全球化的格拉斯顿伯里(Glastonbury)。在一月,为期一周的会议期间,每平方公里云集的亿万富翁就超过了世界上任何地方,因此,它吸引了反全球化运动的注意力也不足为奇。今年的世界经济论坛的主会场设在雪屋中,反全球化的抗议将在那上演。对于这些抗议者,甚至围观者,瑞典当局可谓态度强硬。去年,《观察者报》的商业版编辑安德鲁克拉克(Andrew Clark)就在从达沃斯返程的火车上被逮捕。
B is for Belvedere(布勒兹酒店). During the day the action in Davos is focused on the conference centre, an ugly 1970s building which has recently been modernised and extended. After hours, members of the WEF normally repair to (repair to a place=go to the place, 下榻)the Belvedere, the hotel where all the best parties are held and where many of the dignitaries达官显贵 stay. Hotels in Davos week are eye-wateringly瞠目结舌,很形象的比喻,哭都来不及啊:) expensive: a bog-standard标间, chalet-style (木造农舍)room costs 400-500 Swiss francs (£275-£345) a night, with a five-night minimum stay.
C is for Cameron The prime minister is one of close to 40 heads of state or government expected to show up for this year's talkfest(恳谈会). An experienced Davos hand(与会人员, e.g. we are short of hands. 我们缺少人手), Cameron first came to the event as opposition leader, but will deliver one of the keynote addresses(主题演讲) this year. Gordon Brown and Tony Blair are also both on the list of participants.
C代表卡梅伦。 他是近40位期待出席今年的恳谈会的家和政府首脑之一。起初,卡梅伦(Cameron)是作为反对党袖出席会议的,而现在的他已成为一位经验丰富的达沃斯论坛与会人员。今年将由他做出论坛中的一个主题演讲。
D is for Doha Each year trade ministers gather in Davos for talks aimed at breathing new life into the moribund(it is in a very bad situation, 经营不善,无进展) Doha trade liberalisation talks(多哈贸易自由化谈判). Each year they fail.
D代表多哈。 每一年,贸易部长们都会齐聚达沃斯,试图为奄奄一息的多哈贸易自由化谈判带来勃勃生机。但是每一年他们都失败了。
E is for Europe This year's hot topic is the crisis in the eurozone(欧元区), which is casting a shadow over the entire global economy. Expect lots of sermons(布道,训斥,说教) from the Chinese, the Americans and the Brits about the need for Europe to "get its act together" and warm words from European policymakers about how the worst of the crisis is now over.
E代表欧洲。 今年的热门话题莫过于令整个全球经济都蒙上阴影的欧元区危机。在听到很多来自中人的训斥后,美人和英人才意识到“欧洲合作”的迫切性,同时,欧洲决策者们关于危机有多糟糕的预警言论也一同结束了。
F is for fondue. Getting the authentic(正宗的) taste of Swiss cuisine in Davos is surprisingly difficult, with most of the hotels serving identical(大同小异) international fare(=food). Those in the know(了解内幕,消息灵通人士) head for the Gentiana, where George Osborne dined last year with Angel Gurría, head of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.
F代表松脆干酪松。 想要在达沃斯品尝到正宗的瑞士风味实属不易,大多数酒店的食物口味大同小异。那些熟悉的人会径直前往Gentiana,也就是去年乔治奥斯本(George Osborne)与经济合作与发展组织的秘书长安赫尔·古里亚(Angel Gurría)共同进餐的地方。
G is for Gates. Since handing over control of Microsoft, Bill Gates has devoted himself to philanthropy(慈善事业) and will use Davos as a platform to call for the use of innovative sources of finance, such as a financial transaction tax(金融交易税), to fund development.
G代表盖茨。  自从将微软移交他人之后,比尔盖茨(Bill Gates)便一心投身于慈善事业。兴许他会把达沃斯论坛作为一个平台,借此号召大家使用诸如金融交易税之类的新型融资来源,从而为发展提供资金。
H is for Hungary. The attention over the past year has been on Europe's soft southern underbelly(软肋) – Greece, Portugal, Italy and Spain. In the past few weeks, the crisis has spread east to the former communist country(前共产主义家), which was badly burned(形象,炸得油煎煎=遭受重) by the global financial crisis. An International Monetary Fund programme is imminent and Hungary's plight(困境 will be much discussed.
H代表匈牙利。 去年一整年,人们都把注意力放在欧洲南部的软肋——希腊、葡萄牙、意大利、西班牙上。在过去的几周里,危机向东扩散到了匈牙利这个前共产主义家,它也在全球金融危机中遭受重。如今,一个际货币基金组织的新计划即将诞生,其中,匈牙利的处境值得商榷。
I is for Igwel. Davos is organised around a series of themed sessions in which panels of experts give their views on the issues of the moment. Behind the scenes, world leaders are encouraged to talk more freely at "Igwels" – informal gatherings of world economic leaders. This is supposed to be where the business of Davos is done, although the real deal-making takes place in one-on-one clandestine(=secret, 秘密的,私下的) meetings.
I代表世界经济袖非正式小组的成员。 达沃斯论坛是由一系列的主题会议构成的。在会上,一组将给出他们在时事上的观点。而世界经济袖非正式小组成员的身份将鼓励世界导人们在幕后更自由地进行交流。达沃斯论坛的交易本该在会上进行,但真正的交易总是在私下一对一进行。