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摘要: 主考单词是指在SAT 填空,阅读题目,语法题目,作文中所要使用的单词。对于高中生来说,单词是第一关也是最重要的一关,即好的单词量是SAT 高分的必要非充分条件,所以对中国学生
cacophony [kə'kɔfəni] n 难听的声音(harsh, jarring sound;dissonance) (06.05)
【联想】symphony 交响乐,telephone 电话,phony(假的,伪造的),microphone 麦克风,
euphony 好听的声音,phonograph 留声机
【类反】cacophonous<> euphonious(好听的)/mellifluous(好听的)/melodic(旋律优美的),
cacophony:: dissonance(不和谐的声音)/rancousness(刺耳的声音)/stridence(刺耳的声音)
【例句】Americans can come together on such issues and, at least for that moment, become a
chorus instead of a cacophony.
cadence ['keidəns] n 韵律(the way someone's voice rises and falls, especially when reading
out loud)
【联想】cad/cide/cas/cay“落下”:cad: cascade 瀑布,cadence 韵律(有高有低的抑扬顿挫的
声音);cas:case 盒子(潘多拉的魔盒),casual(随便的),occasional(偶然的),incident
(小事件);cay(腐烂),decay 腐败;accident(意外事故),incident(小事件)
【区别】词根 cid还表示“切”,参○词条“abscission”
calculated a. a calculated crime or dishonest action is deliberately and
carefully planned 处心积虑的(OG-T7)
calculation  n. planning something carefully and intentionally 精心策划
callous  a. 麻木的,无情的(emotionally hardened) (OG-T2)
【联想】cal 词素表示“石头”,“计算”,“坚韧”:石头“calcify 使石化,calcium 钙,callous
麻木的;计算:calculate,calendar 日历表,calculus 积分(结石);坚韧:calumny 诽谤,
calumnious 中伤的,caluminiate 中伤
【类反】callous<> sympathetic/mature/compassionate/commiserate 冷淡的<> 有同情心的,
callous:: apathetic/unfriendly/unmoved/offish(冷淡的)
【例句】We were shocked at the callous disregard for human life.
callow  a. 年轻而无经验的(young and inexperienced)
【类反】callow:: fledging(初出茅庐的)
【例句】a callow youth
calumny  n. 毁谤,中伤(an abusive attack on a person's character or good name)
【类反】calumny(诽谤)<> approbation(嘉许)
【例句】The prosecutor was so frustrated by his lack of credible or convincing evidence that when
describing the defendant during the trial he shamefully resorted to calumny.
candid  a. 忠实的,率直的(characterized by directness in manner or speech;
without subtlety or evasion)
构词方式:candor(坦诚)-candid(坦诚的), timor(胆怯)-timid(胆怯的),torpor(麻
木)-torpid(torpid), fervor(热情)-fervid(热情的),splendor(光辉,灿烂)-splendid
(光辉的,灿烂的),langor(懈怠)—languid(懒惰的),stupid-stupor(愚笨), rigor/ rigorous-rigid
【例句】A freelance photographer who doggedly pursues celebrities to take candid pictures for
sale to magazines and newspapers. 猎奇摄影者为了偷拍镜头卖给杂志和报纸的顽强地追踪某
cannibalistic  a. 食人肉的,同类相食的
【助记】carn/cann 肉
【联想】carnival 嘉年华,carnivorous 肉食动物
cantankerous  a 脾气坏的,好争吵的(OG-T6) (stubbornly obstructive and unwilling
to cooperate)
【类反】cantankerous<> even-tempered(脾气好的),cantankerous:: churlish/petulant/spleenish/
【例句】Mean-spirited, disagreeable, and contrary in disposition; cantankerous.
【比较】小生气(little angry):miffed, peevish
相当生气(rather angry):annoyed, irritated, cross
大怒(very angry):furious,outraged,incensed
变怒:go mad, go berserk, hit the roof, lose one’s temper
经常生气的人:bad-tempered, cantankerous, grouchy
capricious [kə'priʃəs] a. 变化无常的(OG-T5)(likely to change your mind suddenly or behave
in an unexpected way;突然改变的(changing quickly and suddenly)
【类反】capricious/whimsical ( 变化无常的) <> constant/deliberate ( 深思熟虑的) /
【例句】(1)Because she is so capricious, we can never predict what course he will take at an
moment.(2) a capricious wind 飘忽不定的风
captivate ['k鎝tiveit] v. 迷住,迷惑(06.05)(attract; cause to be enamored)
The capticated viewer 被俘获了的读者
【联想】capture 捕获,captain 船长,队长,captivate 迷惑,capitulate 有条件投降
【衍生】captivating 迷人的
【类反】captivate<> repulse(使反感)
captivating ['kæptiveitiŋ] a. 具有迷惑性的,极其吸引人的(07.01)
captive  a.被俘的,被迷住的(OG-T5)
【例句】Captive listener: 被迷住的听众
caricature  n. 讽刺画,漫画(a representation of a person that is exaggerated for
comic effect)
【联想】讽刺画:parody 讽刺画,lampoon 讽刺文章
cardinal ['kɑ:dinl] a 重要的,主要的(07.10)
【助记】card 心脏
【联想】card/cord 心脏:cardiac 心脏的;cordial 和蔼的;accord 根据
【类反】cardinal<> minor/peripheral 次要的;cardinal::paramount(重要的),insurmountable
【例句】The cardinal idea of the Labor Party's political thought is that all people should be equal.
cast aside 抛弃,撇开(OG-T1)
【例句】He cast aside all his inhibitions. 他抛弃了一切禁忌.
cast doubt on对…采取怀疑的态度(OG-T1) (OG-T8)
Passage 2 offers a personal anecdote that casts doubt upon the beliefs espoused in Passage 1.第二
castigate  v. 惩罚,苛评(censure severely)
【类反】excoriate(呵斥)>berate(训斥)> rebuke/ reprimand/reproof/revile/reprobate(斥责)
/decry/denounce >impugn(抨击)>castigate/ chide(指责)>criticize(批评)>comment (评论),
castigate:: extol/flatter/accolade(赞美)
catalogue ['k鎡əlɔɡ] n 目录,分类
【联想】catastrophe 大灾难,catalyst 催化剂,category 分类
catastrophic  a 大灾难的
categorical [k鎡i'ɡɔrikəl] a 绝对的(06.05)(having no exceptions or restrictions, absolute)
【类反】categorical(无条件的)<> conditional/qualified (有条件的)
【例句】The college president made the categorical statement that no student athlete on academic
probation, not even the top-scorer of the varsity team, would be allowed to participate in
intercollegiate sports.
category  n.分类(OG-T4)
【例句】Environmental disasters like endemic waterborne disease due to inadequate sewage
treatment in faraway nations do not fit this category.
cathartic [kə'θɑ:tik] a. 起缓解作用的(emotionally purging,releasing)
【助记】cathartic n 通便剂
【例句】Irving acknowledged that Columbus may have had some faults, such as his part in
enslaving and killing people, but offered the cathartic explanation that these were “errors of the time”.