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摘要: 2014年7月12日托福考试已经结束,还没有考试的同学们肯定很期待7月12日托福机经,环球托福老师亲临现场为同学们们整理了一些2014年7月12日托福机经,希望能对考生们未来的托福考试有

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托福口语 2014.7.12 适中  
Task1 Describe a subject you enjoy studying and explain why. Include details and examples in your explanation.  
解析 总体来说这道题的难度还偏简单的。在回答这道题的时候,我们在头脑中风暴的时候可以从以下几方面去思考:第一确定这个subject是什么?为什么这个subject值得你学习?它有哪些不一样的地方?在考试时有些烤鸭们想把自己所想到的点都说完,其实在短暂的45秒内是不可能说完每个细节点的。抓住其中的两个点细说会更好。还要注意句子与句子之间的连接词。最后总结时候避免说:thank you 和see you next time 等词。  
Sample Answer Personally speaking , math is a subject that I’m enjoy studying . Cause I enjoy solving problems in a logical way and I can put my math skills into my daily practice. For instance, I remember sitting in front of my desk for three hours when I was a junior high school student,cause I was trying to solve a math problem. It was in fact a fun exercise for me rather than an academic responsibility. After successfully resolving the problem, I felt a great sense of accomplishment. Besides, I can use my math skills whenever I go  shopping, such as applying the discounts and calculating the change or
even when I­m managing my personal finances.
 Therefore, I have always found learning math so useful and interesting.
答案解说 小细节支持大框架。具体的例子更具有说服力。
Task2 Some people prefer to outdoors activities while others prefer indoor activities. Which do you prefer and why? Please include reasons and details in your response.  
解析 第二题是大部分同学很喜欢的一种题型。因为有选择性。同意或者是不同;支持或反对,喜欢或者是不喜欢。有可能在这方面有些烤鸭们没有多少内容表达,但是却在另一方面找到了自己的话匣子。首先我们看下户内外运动的好处和弊端。户外运动可以加强身体素质同时还可以交到更多的朋友,培养社交能力。户外运动的弊端。空气质量差,对身体有害。  
Sample Answer I do think outdoor activities is the one that I prefer for the following reasons .Cause I like playing basketball with my friends in an open basketball court。To begin with , outdoor activities are often more strenuous and so I can exercise my body more. If I stay indoors to do yoga, it probably consumes less energy than playing football . What’s more , many outdoor activities are team sports, which means a team of players work together for the same goal.So I’m more likely to make new friends and develop my interpersonal skills better. Last but not least, you can have more chances to get close with the nature, which means sunshine, fresh air and more space.  
Task3 阅读 学校打算给creative writing program 增加一个面试的政策:
听力 The woman disagrees:
原因:很多的talker 不完全是作家同时很多的作家还是比较害羞的,不怎么愿意说话。
解析(Sample Note The university announces that they will add interviews policy to the creative writing program for the students .Due to it gonna help students to develop their expressional capabilities and as well as evaluate students’ work ability as a group . .The woman in the conversation thinks the plan is not worktable . First of all, she thinks that most of the talkers are not always writer and tons of writers are shy to express themselves,also,she mentions that judging a student’s group ability from the interview is not fair . Sometimes even much more worse .She takes herself as an example .Once she was in a writing class did some of the group work ,rarely did everyone talk with each other in the beginning ,but a few week later ,they began to talk and had lot of fun .
分析: 这一题对于学生来说还是很简单的,为什么这样说呢。我们知道TPO1-10就与此题相类似,只要练习过TPO的学生,这一题还是很简单的。  
Task5 听力  
解析(Sample Note 和第三题不太一样,第五主要说的就是学生在学校中遇到的问题以及解决问题的两种方案。第五题有个最大的特点就是综合题中唯一可以加入自己观点的题,学生们仍然可以选择自己喜欢的那个解决方案。至于一些学生的困扰就是:对于这一题到底自己的观点说多少时间呢?最好控制在各占一半的时间。就是:问题和2个解决方案占30秒,自己的观点和理由占30秒。  
Sample Answer The woman’s parents gonna pay a visit to her in university but the  problem is that she doesn’t have a room for them to live in . There are two possible solutions .The first one that let her prents to live in a little apartment off her campus just a few step from her campus ,but she has to give up her own bedroom to her parents and sleep in the sofa herself .The second is that to drive to the place where the place is 20 mins away from her campus and the price is also a high cost . If I were her ,I would like to take the first solution .Although she has to give up her own bedroom to her parents and sleep in the sofa ,yet her parents will be happy if she does that,also she has been a college university ,sometimes she has to overcome some difficulties by herself .  
Task6 听力 教授谈论了bird migration preparation
解析(Sample Note 教授谈论了bird migration preparation 身体上的改变,提前吃些东西,比原来要肥的多。这样在中途中就不需要停下来很多次。一些独立的鸟类在飞行之前都会变得成群结队,这样就可以确保飞行的安全性。  
Sample Answer The professor talks about two ways of bird migration preparations .one is that some changes of their bodies another is solitary bird will be becoming social before behavior changes .For example when some birds begin to migrate their body will be different .In order not to stop to have a rest and to save time some birds would eat a lot of food before they ‘re flying and their body will become fatter than before .Another example is that the solitary birds will become much more sociable than before .What they doing this is helping them to avoid unpredictable dangers and will be much safer .  
答案解说 我们知道在第六题中我们通常会遇到一些专业词汇,一些学生通常对于听力中出现的一些专业术语的发音感到不知所措,甚至是不会说,其实很简单只要相对应的说个大概即可。例如:听力中出现了自己没有听懂的一些专有名词,也可以用a kind of +植物/动物代替即可,这样做并不会扣分。  
Task4 阅读 Token reward system指的是给那些表现好的孩子们,一些奖励让他们继续保持。  
听力 教授拿在拿自己那一群孩子做例子。一开始额昂表现还的孩子去操场上玩耍,15分钟以后发现有些孩子更喜欢画画,后来教授又拿小木的钱币来鼓励孩子,让他们收集钱币来换取更多的东西。  
解析(Sample Note In the lecture the professor talks about token reward system which means to give those children what they want as a reward encourage them to perform their best all the time .The professor takes a group children as an example .To begin with the professor lets the well-behaviored students play on the playground for playing 15 mins but then he found out that ,lots of students like drawing in the room ,so, he changed the method .He gives the well-bahaviored kids a coin which is made of wood and told them to collect the number of coins to exchange other things .If they could collect five coins they will be given some rewards ,like computers ,arts.and this really does work for the kids .  
分析: 第四题主要以听力为主,阅读为辅。